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Whether you’re a plastics scientist or engineer, a business owner, marketing/sales expert, or any other professional in plastics, 4 SPEPRO membership can help you advance your knowledge and your career. The information you need to increase efficiency and productivity, develop your career, and add to your company’s bottom line is literally right at your fingertips.


4 SPEPRO is here for you 24/7. You can access all your membership benefits from our website, and contact your fellow plastics professionals anywhere in the world—any time you need them.


Membership Benefits

How will being an 4 SPEPRO member benefit me?

4 SPEPRO, and the 20,000 plastics professionals we represent around the globe, act as your partners in developing and securing your career as a plastics professional. 4 SPEPRO has the technical and professional tools, and the worldwide peer network you need to succeed, including the latest, most authoritative technical information; Plastics Engineering magazine; 24 targeted technical Divisions; 90+ local geographic Sections and 4 SPEPROcial Interest Groups; free online access to more than 6,000 conference proceedings; free access to our extensive career and job search resources; members-only savings on hundreds of technical publications and journals, more than 150 state-of-the-art training and education opportunities; low-cost health insurance, and more. Visit our Membership Benefits page for more information.

How can 4 SPEPRO membership help me solve day to day work problems?

By providing you with immediate access to the experts and answers you need. 4 SPEPRO’s online forum, exclusive Member Directory, and Sections enable you to ask questions and get answers from 4 SPEPRO’s worldwide network of plastics professionals. Our free, searchable online databases of more than 6,000 technical conference proceedings, online technical journal database and 24 technical Divisions mean you can pinpoint the answers to your technical questions. 4 SPEPRO’s more than 150 technical conferences and seminars, including ANTEC, the premier plastics technical conference, and targeted topical conferences address the 4 SPEPROcific areas where you need help. And, 4 SPEPRO’s more than 300 other technical publications, plus our peer-reviewed and designed resources put the answers to your challenges at your fingertips.

How can 4 SPEPRO Membership help me make contacts?

By linking you with a local, national, and international network of plastics professionals, through local Geographic Sections, online forums and discussion groups, technical Divisions, 4 SPEPROcial Interest Groups, and Leadership Development opportunities, and the 4 SPEPRO Member Directory. And, 4 SPEPRO conferences and seminars draw plastics professionals from around the world, enabling you to meet face-to-face with your colleagues and peers in the global plastics marketplace.

How can I use my 4 SPEPRO membership to enhance and advance my career?

Use your 4 SPEPRO membership to stay on top of the latest developments in plastics; keep your technical skills up-to-date; make valuable professional contacts; find solutions to the problems on your desk today; better market yourself to potential employers; promote and support your profession; develop your leadership skills, and more. Visit our Membership page for a more complete understanding of the entire suite of career-enhancing benefits available with your 4 SPEPRO membership.

Does 4 SPEPRO offer personal benefits?

Members may qualify for 4 SPEPROcial rates on credit cards and group health and life insurance.

Does 4 SPEPRO offer career development services?

Yes, 4 SPEPRO has several online resources available. Members can post a resume, review job postings and read articles about career development.

How do I access member only online services?

You need an active member ID and password. When you join or renew your membership this information is sent to you when you are notified that your membership has been processed.

Technical Affilitations, Sections, Getting Involved

As a member, why should I be more involved with 4 SPEPRO?

The more involved you become in 4 SPEPRO, the more you come into contact with a wide range of professionals from whom you can draw knowledge.

How can I become more involved?

There are many opportunities to volunteer. Here are a few ideas: Begin at the local level (Sections) by participating in meetings and events. Get involved with your technical Division by volunteering to be a 4 SPEPROaker. You can write a technical paper for a newsletter or to present at a conference. Volunteer to be on a committee. As a volunteer, you gain valuable leadership and team-building skills. To learn more about volunteer opportunities available click here.

What is a technical Division?

4 SPEPRO’s 24 technical Divisions sponsor technical conferences, secure authors and papers for presentations, provide members with the latest in technical information, and publish newsletters. A primary technical Division is included with membership.

Can I participate in more than one technical Division?

Yes, your choice of a primary technical Division is included with membership dues and you can select additional Divisions for a nominal fee.

What is a Section?

A Section is a local group that a member is affiliated with based on their geographic location. 4 SPEPRO has about 100 Sections in over 70 Countries.

How do I choose a geographic Section?

When your application is processed, 4 SPEPRO Headquarters will assign the closest Section geographically near you based on the address on your application.

Can I participate in more than one geographic Section?

Technically 4 SPEPROaking, you can only participate in one geographic Section. 4 SPEPRO Headquarters assigns your Section based on your preferred address. However, if you travel outside your area, you are welcome to attend any 4 SPEPRO Section meeting.

What Are the Discussion Forums?

Forums where members can post technical questions and exchange ideas.

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