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High-performance polylactide biocomposites reinforced with cellulose nanofibers

Fatemeh Safdari, Davood Bagheriasl, Pierre J. Carreau, Marie-Claude Heuzey, and Musa R. Kamal
11 August 2016
Rheological, optical, mechanical, and thermomechanical investigation of the properties of cellulose-nanofiber-reinforced polylactide demonstrates the solution method for achieving good fiber dispersion.

Multiwalled carbon nanotubes for microwave heating of polymers

Begoña Galindo, Adolfo Benedito, and Enrique Giménez
20 July 2016
Efficient heating is achieved by optimizing the dispersion of microwave susceptor additives within a polypropylene matrix.

Enhancing the mechanical characteristics of thermoplastic vulcanizates

Mohammad Milad Abdollahi and Ahmad Reza Shafieizadegan-Esfahani
17 June 2016
Novel processing methods are tested to improve the tensile properties of ethylene propylene diene monomer/polypropylene composites.

De-inking paper sludge as a potential reinforcement for recycled plastics

Ahmed Elloumi, M. Makhlouf, A. Elleuchi, and Ch. Bradai
20 May 2016
The addition of de-inking paper sludge into recycled high-density polyethylene composites improves their tensile strength and stiffness, but is detrimental to their ductility and toughness.

Reinforcing thermoplastic vulcanizates with ground tire rubber

Francisco Hernández, Ernesto Hernández, and Florentino Soriano
22 April 2016
Acid surface treatment produces an increase in surface area of 896% and increases the Young's modulus of composites by up to 207%.

Foamcore blow-molded structural components for transportation applications

Steve Sopher
8 April 2016
A novel process combines traditional blow molding with an injection-molded low-density particle foam core for the fabrication of structural parts in the automotive and related industries.

Novel nanotube reinforcers for safer polyamide-6-based nanocomposites

Seyed M. R. Paran, Ghasem Naderi, and Mir H. R. Ghoreishy
29 March 2016
Inclusion of both pristine and surface-activated halloysite nanotubes gives rise to good physical and mechanical properties of the resultant plastics.

New method for the design of high-performance polypropylene

Shuai Zhou and Zhong Xin
18 March 2016
Beta-form polypropylene can be produced through the introduction of a branching molecular architecture and by conducting crystallization under shear and rapid cooling conditions.

Improved properties of thermoplastic polyurethane bio-composites

Umit Tayfun, Erdal Bayramli, and Mehmet Dogan
26 February 2016
An isocyanate surface treatment of flax fibers produces improved interfacial interactions of the fibers with the polymer matrix, and thus stronger eco-composites.

Nanoclay fibers for the reinforcement of poly(lactic acid)-based composites

Canan Erpek, Ulku Yilmazer, and Güralp Özkoç
20 January 2016
Halloysite nanotubes are investigated as an alternative filler material to carbon nanotubes.