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Unfolding complex thermal degradation mechanisms in polymer composites

Muhammad Azeem Arshad and Abdelkrim Maaroufi
A new modeling method enables a kinetic interpretation of the complicated multistep thermal degradation mechanisms in polymer composites.

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Rheological characterization of fibril-reinforced fiber-based polymer blend

Roozbeh Hajiraissi and Yousef Jahani
24 April 2018
Introducing a fibrillar morphology into a polymer blend enhances the adsorption and mechanical strength of the resultant composite.

Polymer/short fiber composites fabricated by direct fiber feeding injection molding

Xiaofei Yan, Hua Shen, Guangbiao Xu, and Shengbin Cao
23 April 2018
Direct fiber feeding injection molding is an effective way of improving the mechanical properties of polymer/short fiber composites by enhancing the fiber length.

Predicting the fiber-breakage history in injection molding

Chao-Tsai Huang
3 April 2018
Simulations of the injection-molding process for long-fiber-reinforced thermoplastics enable the prediction of complex fiber behavior and can therefore be used to investigate the effect of screw type.

Creep in carbon/epoxy composites manufactured by filament winding

José Humberto S. Almeida Jr, Heitor L. Ornaghi Jr, Natália P. Lorandi, and Sandro C. Amico
27 March 2018
Investigation of carbon-fiber-reinforced epoxy laminates shows that their viscoelastic behavior depends on both fiber orientation and creep performance.

Understanding the properties of processed polyamide 11

Katalee Jariyavidyanont, René Androsch, Jason L. Williams, Alicyn M. Rhoades, Ines Kühnert, and Walter Focke
20 March 2018
Calculating different cooling rates for injection-molded polyamide 11 enables successful prediction of crystal polymorph details in actual molded parts.

Fluorinated polymer/organo-modified magnetic nanoparticle composites

Manami Iizuka and Atsuhiro Fujimori
14 March 2018
Organo-modified magnetic nanoparticles can be evenly dispersed within a fluoropolymer matrix by melt compounding for the development of transparent, heat-resistant, flexible nanocomposite films.

Poly(hydroxamic acid) hydrogels for the removal of dyes from aqueous solutions

Dursun Saraydın, Yasemin Işıkver, and Erdener Karadağ
6 March 2018
The crosslinker used in the preparation of a poly(hydroxamic acid) hydrogel has a greater effect on its dye-sorbent properties (i.e., the removal efficiency) than does the type of dye.

Preparation and modification of polyethersulfone-based hybrid materials

Burcu Oktay, Emre Baştürk, Memet Vezir Kahraman, and Nilhan Kayaman Apohan
27 February 2018
Polyethersulfone modified by UV-induced grafting and then combined with poly(trimethoxysilyl)propyl methacrylate results in a hybrid material suitable for heat-resistant applications in homes and industries.

Influence of temperature on the electrical properties of conductive polymer composites

Michael Jones Silva, Paulo Vinicius Rebeque, Alex Otávio Sanches, José Antônio Malmonge, Haroldo Naoyuki Nagashima, and Darcy Hiroe Fujii Kanda
20 February 2018
Incorporation of carbon black nanofillers into castor oil polyurethane improves the electrical conductivity of the materials, through a thermally activated process.

Microcellular polypropylene films with good piezoelectric properties

Denis Rodrigue and Abolfazi Mohebbi
13 February 2018
Microcellular polypropylene films can be used to produce piezoelectric materials with improved properties, capacitance, and stored energy capacity.